8 Ministry Marketing No-no’s

On my recent free teleseminar I gave away lots of tips, but my top eight “Don’t Do It!” tips weren’t included. So, to balance the scales, I’m going to share these 8 Ministry Marketing No-no’s tips with you today. Ready?

1. Don’t Develop “Shiny Object Syndrome.” You have “SOS” if you try EVERY “new” thing that hits the marketplace in an effort to stay relevant and think that each new toy will be the one that finally get results

2. Don’t be a Fire Fighter. You REACT to your day instead of planning it thoughtfully, so your hours are spent fighting fires and dealing with URGENT items while the real reason you embarked on this journey—the life-changing work you REALLY love is once more pushed aside

3. Don’t be a Hamster. You are ALWAYS “busy”! Constantly “SPINNING your WHEELS” and not moving forward in your ministry.

4. Don’t be Rip Van Winkle. You PROCRASTINATE on important projects and miss opportunities while you wait to see where you can “fit them in” to your schedule

5. Don’t be a Drone. Your expend so much energy (just like a worker bee) on your DAILY TASKS that you hardly find the time to focus on expanding your reach and forward-thinking, BIG picture visions

6. Don’t Neglect Your Needs. You’ve disconnected from the things and people that fuel you productivity AND ignore your need for rest because you’ve “gotta make this work”

7. Don’t Ruin Your Reputation. If you have a long list of UNRETURNED PHONE CALLS and EMAILS you never responded to, many of which have possible opportunity attached to them, you are teaching potential partners that you are unreliable.

8. Don’t be a Casualty. And, you feel BUSY and STRESSED most of the time, but STILL aren’t seeing your efforts pay off financially.

When I start working with a new organization, I usually find that they’re fallen into at least one or more of those traps. Just because you may have fallen into one, doesn’t mean that you have to stay. I’m so committed to helping folks steer clear of them that I’ve created a 21-day special treat just for you. It’s the FIRST and ONLY training program designed specifically for Pastors, leaders, Christian entrepreneurs and agents of change. If you have found these 8 Ministry Marketing No-no’s helpful, then the training program if for you.

Sound like anyone you know? If so, be sure to check it out right now because the program starts next week! You definitely don’t want to miss it.

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