Benefits Of Aeroponics System

Aeroponics is a system that utilizes nutrient-rich water and thin air to grow and cultivate plants. Although hydroponics has been around more than a thousand years ago, aeroponics is quite new to the farming industry. In fact, the first recorded successful use of aeroponics system us only during the 1940s. And the system wasn’t widely introduced to the public until the 1980s.

Some people think the system can only be used for specific plant species. But on the contrary, aeroponics can grow and cultivate any plant life. The commercialization of the system in the world market has turned into one of the more successful methods of growing plants in the modern era. This system is being developed to be the main method of supplying fresh food for scientists and astronauts working in outer space. And as the human population rapidly increases and concerns over water supply and soil quality continuously grow, the aeroponics system is being considered to provide a viable solution for wide scale farming in areas with poor soil conditions. It is believed that this system is soon to become the most efficient and commonly used growing method worldwide.

Among of the many benefits of using the system is that plants receive more oxygen which the plants need to perform aerobic respiration. Exposed roots can absorb oxygen quickly than roots that are planted in soil. Plants that are grown through aeroponics also tend to grow a lot faster because the more oxygen the roots absorb, the faster they absorb essential nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous.

Another requirement for enhanced plant growth is humidity. Most plants require humid air to grow healthy as the pores through which the plants breathe lose moisture when surrounded by dry air. This loss of moisture is not always easily replaced by the water that the roots absorb. Aeroponics system ensures that your plants retain 100% humidityas the result of the mixture of air and water, plus the absence of the sun.

The system also provides a safer and ecologically efficient way to cultivate plants and crops. Because of the different kinds of pollution in the environment, even the soil can be easily contaminated with industrial waste and harmful chemicals. Contaminated soil tends to lose the organic nutrients that plants need to thrive. Thus, plants that are grown in such condition may be completely stunted due to malnutrition. As a result, many organic farmers are discovering the use of the aeroponic technique to protect their crops from contamination with various toxins that their soils may contain.

Another benefit that this system provides to farmers and homeowners is the fast and easy way of cleaning plants and crops. In aeroponics, there is no need to remove dirt or debris from the roots. And unlike other alternative form of plant cultivation that makes use of growing medium, aeroponics doesn’t leave any leftover organic material in your system. And because there is actually no medium to be thrown away, there will be less hydroponic wastes ending up in landfills.

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