How to Lose a Customer

Use Active, Motivating Language. Use active sentences and active verbs on your website as they are much more powerful and give more energy to your site than passive verbs do. You want to excite and compel someone to take action, rather than to ramble on – When writing, try to imagine speakers that held your interest, versus people who drone on and on and put you to sleep.

Toot Your Horn! Honestly emphasize the benefits of your products or services – State facts – People are getting pretty sensitive to hype, so keep it real. Tell them how they can actually benefit from your products. Tell them what is in it for them. Appeal to their feelings and emotions. In this regard, I have read that people are also afraid they will miss something. So you might want to mention it would be wise to take action now.

Most of the ‘masses’ don’t need or want to know all the details – however, there are those who do, so you may want to include a link to ‘specifications’ or ‘more information’ for those type of shoppers. This way you will keep everyone happy.

Call to Action! Tell your visitors what to do with the information you have given them. Examples: “Click Here to Get Started’, ‘Sign up for our newsletter’, ‘Call Us’ , ‘Order Now!’ Forgetting to lead people in this way may result in a ‘thanks for the information, bye’, rather than actually causing your visitors to feel compelled to make a purchase before they leave.

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