The Best Blog Entries Reflect Candid Opinion

Your blog entries are the heart and soul of your site and are what have attracted your readers from the start. A blog posting should generally reflect the opinion or perspective of the author and this is what the readers expect. Popular blogs do not necessarily gain their following by mimicking public opinion or routinely reporting the news. The blog reader is looking for quality content for sure but they want it delivered with an attitude. Whether you are blogging to make money or just sharing your experiences you definitely want your perspective and personality to shine through. This is the WHY behind the popularity of blogs.

Here are 5 major reasons your personal opinions and shared perspectives are THE key asset to your blog.

People Want to Know

People generally always want to know what others think, it is just human nature. We follow fashion trends, read what is in the news, and want to know what others may think. It is also a way of acquiring information we may not have had already to better enlighten us on the topic or issue. It is also a means to ‘validate’ our own thinking or opinions pertaining to a particular subject.

Opinions Invite Comments

Your perspective will stimulate comments by your readers. Some will agree and some will not but likely many will comment and this stimulation of interactivity is good for the blog. The more comments are made the more familiarity is ‘bred’ amongst all participants which in turn invites yet more interaction.

Readers Expect Candor

You are not ‘reporting’ the news like some drone but in fact are expected to be a ‘living and breathing’ blog. Every blog is different and the difference yours displays is why the readers who frequent your site come back. This is what web 2.0 is based upon and this is what makes blogs the ‘darling’ of web 2.0

Gives the Blog Personality

By reflecting your opinions and/or beliefs in your entries you are giving the blog the ‘flavor’ of your personality. This ‘stamp’ is ultimately what differentiates your site from all the others on the internet. This is what attracts the typical blog reader to begin with.

Stimulates Thought

Believe it or not people can learn from your insight or perspective. Individual perspectives offer different ‘slants’ or ‘angles’ that even the most intelligent may have overlooked. As a result you can ‘open up’ the readers mind by presenting them with a new way to look at an issue or topic they haven’t thought of before.

Blog entries can be considered the energy source behind a blog since they are what give the site its individuality. The blog reader is not looking to be coddled with main stream quotations and neutral positions on every issue and topic. They are looking for a blog posting that raises the hair on the back of their neck and one that wakes them up and gets them thinking. Most popular blogs rely upon the strategy of ‘ruffling the feathers’ of their readers to provoke their feedback. This results in the increase of the interactivity on the site itself fostering more of a community type atmosphere. So whether you are blogging to make money or just to let off some steam feel comfortable in being candid with your readers. For the 5 reasons we cited above they will appreciate it and be more incline to return to your site.

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